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Dear Neighbour,

This non-commercial website provides some advice on basic inexpensive security precautions that you could take to help reduce the likelihood of crime occurring in your area. It doesn't matter if you are a house owner or a renter, some minor work can make a big difference.

In addition, the website provides regular updates on other crime related issues, home and personal safety information from various sources.

I hope that you find it of use now and in the future. Why not place it in the "Favourites" of your web browser !



The Editor



The background to the website goes back to Christmas 2006. One of my neighbours was burgled. The local Safer Neighbourhood Team was knocking on doors asking residents if they had seen anything or if we had experienced any problems. This started me thinking about what I could do for myself and my local community. My idea was a virtual Neighbourhood Watch, something that people could access at their leisure.

Our area used to have an active Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) in previous years and my Wife had assisted one of the Wardens. For several years there appeared to be inactivity of the local NHW so I contacted the Metropolitan Police asking about how I would go about setting up a new one. After a short period I was contacted by the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Sargeant and we arranged a meeting. At the meeting I was informed that the local NHW was still in operation for my area. After some discussion about how I could help we hit upon the idea that the website could become a resource for my Ward.

Before this meeting the name for the website had already been determined, contracted and paid for. As my original expectation was for the website to cover three roads including my own I though it apt that it be called "three_roads_in_enfield". After the meeting the definition could be any three roads within the borough.

From that day the website has grown from consisiting of 6 pages to 45. The contents range from home to computer security; telephone numbers and website links to governmental and charitable services, ward summaries of committed crime from the London Crime Map, SNT Newsletter and articles on crime and prevention. Finally, the Ladysmith Neighbourhood Watch also supplied me with their regular newsletter for display on the website.

The readership has grown and the news content covers more than just the Enfield geographic area. Due to these changes there was a need to change the websites name. As the website was developed in Enfield a section will remain on the website dedicated to that area.

Even though the website has not reached 70 years of age, it is to be retired !
It is now replaced by


If you have any comments or items that you want to see as content of this website please e-mail the Editor at :

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This site has been produced by its Editior at their own expense. The website is a non-commercial entity, no financial reward or profit is being made from it's operation. The aim of this website is to enhance the community in general and to help keep crime and anti-social behaviour to a minimum. The website will be operated on the following basis :

1. This website is not operated by any other Law enforcement agency. Please do not use the website or associated e-mail addresses to report a crime.

2. The website operator will not recommend any specific product, service, manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler.

3.The website operator cannot be held responsible for the content of linked external websites. Reasonable checks will be made on their content before they are quoted.

From the 26th May 2012 all websites must comply with the European e-Privacy Directive. This directive requires all websites to either request permission to download cookies to your computer or not download them at all. The website cannot control or be responsible for the actions or content of other websites mentioned as part of its content.

4. No one representing this website will call at your address or send you any un-solicited e mail or other correspondence offering any service. Anybody claiming to be an agent of this website should be treated with caution and should not be allowed into your home.

5. This is not a journalistic website.

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9. The website currently installs cookies onto visitors computers. This is just for visitor counter purposes only. The operator of the does not use cookie information for any other purpose (ie. marketing or tracking ). A request had been made with the websites supplier to have cookies turned off. The Information Commissioners Office has stated that website operators have 12 months from 26th May 2011 to implement a cookies process that meets the requirements of the new law.

10. The websites operator will not advertise any political party or agenda.

11. The website operator will not disclose contact details of any correspondent with the website to any third part unless there is a legal or moral reason to pass information onto the Police.

12. Any correspondence that contains any form or profanity ( swearing and / abuse ) will go to where it deserves, the bin.

13. Any sexually or racially abusive comments will be ignored and again go to where it deserves, the bin.

14. No reports will be placed on the website based on hearsay, only facts.

15. No individuals name will be mentioned on the website unless they are in a public position and have given prior permission.

16. The website is being produced in English only. This is purely down to finance's there is no money to carry out translations into other languages.



Q : Why aren't there any pictures on this website ?

A : People accessing this website will use different types of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc ).

Some browser will be up to date others will be a older version. Just using text will enable users to view the website in the same way and at a reasonable speed. Also photo's can be a hidden way of transfering malicious software. I do not want this website to be accused of that.

Q : Aren't there enough websites like this one ?

A : There are many websites dealing with crime, but they seem to deal with the aftermath. The purpose of this website is to make people aware of what is going on so that they can make a choice on what preventive action to take.

Q : Isn't this website alarmist, all it mentions is crime and scams !

A : Luckily enough most people get by without being affected by any form of crime. Sadly some people don't. Please see above.